Medicare For All – Long Term Care Not Included

Medicare for all has become the hot topic for everyone on both sides of the political aisle, including presidential candidates Warren, Buttigieg, Biden, and Bloomberg. And why shouldn’t it be? Who would wouldn’t want access to all healthcare regardless of their age and income level? But there is one thing that is not covered in Medicare for All that should be a concern for all.

With the 2020 presidential elections less than a year away, all hands are on deck by both parties to win over votes for the presidency and hence influence over the policies that address the healthcare issues in America today.

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) was the Obama-era attempt at fixing the national healthcare problem. Regardless of its effectiveness, it ushered healthcare into American politics and allowed candidates the opportunity to have a serious discussion about what’s best for the country and who should carry the burden set by the rising cost in healthcare.

What will it cover?

If the proposed Medicare-for-All were to roll out and government was to take a more active role in national healthcare, every American’s healthcare would be covered and the astronomical rise in healthcare costs would barely make a dent on the American wallet (at least in the short term). For those ailing from no access to decent healthcare, this sounds very intriguing, considering there’s no sign of healthcare costs plateauing any time soon.

But what doesn’t it cover?

Medicare-for-All is a new proposal and the details of its programs and policies are quite complex, but one thing is clear: there is no mention anywhere of coverage for long term care.

Health care in general doesn’t cover long term care, and neither does Medicare today. Yet with all the focus being solely on healthcare, 70% Americans are going to be left with a burden that will potentially deplete their hard earned life-savings.

Long Term Care Insurance?

November is Long Term Care awareness month and with your healthcare on the road to being fully subsidized, it’s up to us as Americans to take a serious look at long term care. We must ensure that we are planning not only for our retirement, but for long term care. By 2030, long term care expenses will rise to $146,000 a year and the average American will not be able to sustain such an expense.

Get a free quote with a proven professional.

When planning for long term care, it’s imperative that you sit with a certified financial planner who has been through the ebbs and flows of the market and truly understands your needs. Not every long term care insurance package is the same for everyone and that’s why it’s important to select someone who will have your best interests in mind and put together a plan that will protect you no matter what the outcome is for Medicare for All.

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